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Welcome to the Finnish Education and Learning Company Registry Wiki

This registry provides an open and dynamic database with information about companies that offer learning solutions in Finland. The registry is open to all companies and organizations that provide education and learning solutions. After registering as a user, anyone can add new information into this open source registry. Users should be aware that their information will be open source. The registered users who provide their information in this registry should be aware that the registry does not carry out validity checks but instead, these users should check the correctness of their information themselves.

This wiki was developed by the Tekes Learning Solutions programme.

A terminology wiki was created in Wikipedia.

Education and learning solutions (in this registry)

Education and Learning Solutions Development Environments Registry (oppimisen kokeilu- ja kehittämisympäristö = OKKY)

More information:

  • Tekes Learning Solutions Programme, Suvi Sundquist, suvi.sundquist(at)
  • System development, the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre, Titi Tamminen, titi.tamminen(at)