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The conference will focus on global challenges of education and how China and Finland can work together for finding solutions for burning issues in education in both countries and also globally. Many problems are related to unequal opportunities to provide high quality learning to all people. Globally there are also many gaps how new technology is available for learning and how students and different learners in society have advantage of digital learning environments. The future orientation also requires schools to provide generic transversal competences to learners. How these are implemented in schools are open questions in many countries. China and Finland have many strengths in education. The conference invites all participants to be contributors for solving global challenges in education. We will have parallel research collaborative sessions on 28th of August afternoon. The main themes of these sessions will be: * Finnish education and reforms * Chinese education and reforms * ICT in future schools and teacher education * Teacher education in transformations for the future * Learning analytics for future learning * Future Learning and teaching * Education eco-system * Teacher’s education and training * Children’s well-being * China and Finland learning from each other in education and reforms
Posted 199 days ago in Linkkipankki by Niina Kesämaa

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